Sometimes when I read people’s stories, people who have undergone similar moments of transformations as I have, I find it inspiring to hear about the struggles they used to have… And how those struggles are a thing of the past.

I’m writing this not to make people go like “yay go Pete!” But to actually bring possibility and maybe direction to anybody who may be struggling with what I used to struggle with.

Just some context. A fundamental paradigm shift in the mind touches every corner of our experience. That which is always present, the mind, thought, feelings… This is…

How exploring our true nature can dissolve the inner conflict associated with physical discomfort

This is something that has been really present for me lately having had many conversations about chronic body pain recently, people asking me questions, as well as having experienced getting sick with nausea and vomiting a couple of weeks ago — which I’m grateful for — has been a fantastic opportunity to learn new ways to express how the body is experienced through pure consciousness, and how that liberates us from inner conflict.

It seems to me that in our collective cultural conditioning, we often create a distinction between body and mind. …

A beautiful feeling can’t exist without a beautiful experience. The two go hand in hand. That’s why feelings are so important. You can’t have a miserable experience and be happy…

One thing I’m really coming to see more and more is the interconnectedness of all minds. I feel as though there are impulses that come through the ether and enter our minds while we’re open and willing to listen.

I’m seeing this more and more often with my girlfriend. We both feel inspired to do exactly the same thing at the same time. We both randomly hum the same tune at the same time. It’s as if we’re totally synchronized. As if life is just a river and the waves carry us both together.

When I am aware, I notice…

A different look at the law of attraction

Throughout most of my journey through spirituality, I was under the impression that negative thoughts create negative circumstances. But they don’t.

Allow me to elaborate…

You can spend a thousand years in a negative vibration. All it means for the duration of that time you are seeing the negative.

The moment you switch into a positive state of mind, you don’t even have to wait for “circumstances” to change. You automatically, instantly, see positive all around you, like flipping between two radio stations, only you’re seeing a new reality.

While we believe in two worlds, the inside, and the outside…

As someone who used to suffer from crippling jealousy, I’ll share with you what I’ve learned that has virtually completely freed me of jealousy.

I used to think my mind worked like a camera. I was under the impression that I would observe a situation or circumstance, and that the circumstance would cause me pain or jealousy. Because of this, I often felt like a victim of what was happening as a circumstance. My emotions were very much dependent even on the smallest things like my girlfriend looking at another guy. …

Photo by Daniel Mingook Kim

When I first began to explore the notion that thought is not only perceptive, but creative, there was a lot of doubt in my mind.

I remember at one point I was driving to my plumbing job in the morning. I was trying to think positive, and I felt a negative thought intrude.

I just said to myself, “this whole thought creating reality thing is so fucking stupid, fuck it.” And so I decided to feed my negative thoughts like no tomorrow — as if they were an annoying child begging for attention.

“Today’s just going to be a shitty…

Photo by Karsten Winegeart

I used to think that freedom was something attained when I wasn’t limited by circumstances. It certainly made sense to me that a rich person was freer than a homeless person.

It also made sense to me to feel insecure when there wasn’t much money in the bank. I considered that normal and pragmatic. I actually believed it was a good thing to be insecure about money because it let me know it was time to figure out how to make more.

Naturally from this line of thinking, I put a lot of energy into whatever seemed to be limiting…

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