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A New Perspective on Stress

A different way to look at why we feel stress in the first place.

Before you scroll through this article, just keep in mind, this isn’t a technique — it’s a different understanding as to why we get stressed in the first place.

Understanding how something works is more powerful than a technique

Whatever it is in life, when we actually understand how it works, it’s no longer a guessing game as to what to do. We don’t need to follow what anybody says in hopes that they are right, we know the answer automatically.


I don’t know the state of mind you’re in right now while you are reading this, but if you’re feeling stressed out, slow down for a minute and give yourself some space to take it in. I am inviting you to read it slowly so you can really get the most out of it.

Understanding the feedback mechanism

Many modern cars have feedback sensors. They will tell you when the oil is low, when the engine has a problem, and so forth. You are not forced to respond to them, but it’s wise to do so and they’re actually there to help you. The whole point is for you to have a smooth driving experience.

What is the stress indicator pointing to?

Human beings have one incredible gift that we so often use without being aware of: our freedom of thought.

Seeing that connection is its own action

If you can see, even just for a second, that the reason you feel stressed in any moment is simply because you are stuffing your mind full of stressful thoughts, then you don’t even need a technique to stop stress.

Natural state of calm

A “natural state of calm” is a weird sentence for those of us that are used to living stressful lives. It seems like the natural state is stress, and calm is what we have to fight for.

A relaxed state of mind makes it easier to deal with life

When we’re feeling relaxed and in the rhythm of life, we open ourselves up to insights. Think of insights as the opposite of tunnel-vision. If you’ve ever had a thought pop into your head, like a wisp of inspiration, then you know what I mean.

How this pertains to chronic stress

When we don’t understand the cause of stress, we stress ourselves trying to fix our stress. It looks like the world is stressful so we try to fix the world in order to be stress-free. This is an infinite cycle, like chasing your own shadow.

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