The Fertile Soil of an Empty Mind

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Nothing is created ‘in the brain’, life happens ‘in the mind’. Your mind does not come from the brain.

This is so different from how we’re taught to think in the world, but this is a key to experience the unfathomable peace that’s available to every human being, including you.

There is a space within you from which ALL creation came from.

There is a space within you where all experience comes in and out of.

Each and every experience you have, no matter how real it may be, is always happening in your mind and nowhere else.

Thought drifts within the empty space of your mind, and while you look at a particular thought, a world appears within it. A world of solidity, of fact, of matter.

But no matter how physical it may seem, it is never more than a projection of the mind. It never leaves your mind and becomes something outside of it.

Your true essence is totally beyond the world. Your body, your identity, your drama, Planet Earth, the physical universe, and all its inhabitants are but thoughts drifting through your mind.

Every and any particular experience, ‘life on planet earth’ being just one, is like a dream made from the formless energy of thought, and given the illusion of matter by the light of consciousness shining on it.

As real as it may seem, it is no more than a temporary experience happening in you.

This life is an experience coming from WITHIN you.

For every thought you let go, you make space, fertile soil in an empty mind, where life can give you new thoughts, new experiences, and new feelings.

This is the resurrection.

Right now you may be dreaming of being in a body. The dreamer is not in the body. The dreamer is eternal. The whole dream exists within the mind of the dreamer. The world exists within you.

There is nothing outside of you to perceive, what you are experiencing is the direct experience of mind.

You are eternal. And the moment you touch your eternal essence, beyond space and time, beyond concepts, you will remember who you are and experience the true depth of peace that’s always offered to you.

This is why people find so much bliss in near-death experiences. Because when they finally accept their death, they let EVERYTHING go. And in that moment, though still alive, they find more peace and bliss than anything the world has ever offered them.

This feeling is always being offered to you. Through all eternity. All that’s needed is for you to let go of what’s hurting you and fall into it.

A beautiful feeling will always catch you.

That’s why it’s called ‘Falling in Love’.

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